The New Portal

SUSU is working with the TELL group and iSolutions to develop a new portal to replace SUSSED.

New Collaboration Portal Pilot Commences Soon

In the next two months, a pilot service for our new collaboration portal will be made available to a cross-section of University users, including students, professional services and academics.

The pilot release of the portal will provide users with a profile for networking, integration with email, a personal document store, and the ability to create and maintain collaborative group spaces with facilities like shared document store, blogs, discussion groups, wikis etc. The development team has planned further releases already in the autumn, which will improve functionality and view of personalised information as well as group collaboration. Development will be on-going in 2012 and beyond, to provide the University community with integrated access to personalised and timely information based on the user's role(s), interests and preferences.

The initial pilot group ranges from student volunteers to small academic and administrative departments, and will consist of approximately 1,200 users. These users will be contacted soon with reminders of when the pilot starts. It is not possible for any additional users to join the pilot at this stage. The pilot will inform further development choices based on actual use and will be evaluated to secure full funding for a roll-out to the rest of the university community.

News of the pilot and on-going evaluations will be shared through SUSSED as well as this website.

Portal Survey

896 students participated in the Portal Survey in February, which gave us a good overview over how you currently use SUSSED, and where we need to concentrate our initial development efforts for the new portal. Thank you to those who took part! Highlights from the report on survey results will appear here soon.

Congratulations to Alex Collister from Medicine and Jenny Summers from Health Sciences who were drawn as winners of one £50 Amazon voucher each!